Merrill Lynch

Let Regal Business Events Do The Work

“Our event consultant was a pleasure to work with. We had a very positive experience and much of that was due to her attitude and responses to our requests. We have chosen to use Regal Theatres because we know that they’ll produce a great, high-end product. The level of client service is what brings us back to them and makes them our preferred vendor of choice.”

— Maureen Sullivan, Marketing Department at Merrill Lynch

How was a small marketing team at Merrill Lynch going to plan 20 events in the upcoming year? Without the proper capacity to plan all of their own events, Merrill Lynch sought out a company they could trust. They needed a reliable partner that could easily plan their client appreciation and family-oriented events.

Regal Business Events planned their family-film screening to accommodate an event with over 200 people, complete with:

  • Breakfast buffet
  • Decorations, linens and gift bags
  • Kid-friendly entertainment (balloons, face painting)
  • A private screening of a family film

Maureen and her team have since recommended Regal Business Events throughout the Merrill Lynch corporation.

“Using Regal Business Events has impacted our company in a very positive way. They provide services with such high value, for a great cost. They are not expensive events to put on, but the return is so high. And the feedback we receive in regards to our Regal events is great. It’s a homerun in our eyes!”

— Maureen Sullivan, Marketing Department at Merrill Lynch