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Group Sale
Share the latest blockbuster movie with your group. Available only for regularly scheduled public showtimes. Discounts apply for purchases over 20 tickets.
Private Screening
Host your private group and enjoy the latest blockbuster in a private auditorium. Invite your clients or employees to enjoy a true red-carpet experience. Available at any time with a full buyout of a selected auditorium.

Note: Extra services (e.g. additional time, audio/visual services for custom content, catering, registration tables & chairs, red carpet, etc.) are available with In-Theatre Meeting & Events.
In-Theatre Meeting & Events
Regal Business Events provides full-service event consultation and coordination. We provide everything you need to create the ideal meeting or event, including showcasing client-provided content on the big screen, audio/visual and lighting equipment needs, catering and much more. Add the excitement of the latest Hollywood Blockbuster or independent movie to turn your meeting into a true premiere event.
Film Festival
Regal is proud to host over 50 film festivals nationwide each year. If you are interested in holding your upcoming film festival at a Regal theatre, please submit a request and let’s discuss opportunities.

1) Festival requests must be submitted at least three (3) months in advance. 
2) Festival must provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance ($1 million liability limit – naming REG as Additional Insured).
3) Sponsorship value will be taken into account by the Festival Committee when determining rental rates.
4) Non-profit Festivals must provide current proof of 501(c)(3) status.
5) Festival must sell their own tickets and are responsible for all cash control and security of that money.
6) Festival will manage all ticket & crowd control and door staff to insure no over seating in auditoriums of use.
7) Festival will provide DCP content for playback through our digital cinema projection system OR Festival will be responsible for operation of any equipment necessary for playback of non-DCP presentations.
8) Festival will provide qualified house manager to coordinate festival staffing and liaison with our local management staff.

By submitting the request form, you agree with the above requirements. All applicable criteria must be met before we will consider any proposal.
Theatre Church
As the theatre church experts, Regal provides full-service consultation for churches looking to plant or expand their congregation by holding weekly worship services at the theatre.
Birthday Party
Rental of a party room for a child’s party is handled at the theatre and not by Corporate Box Office. Visit Regal Birthday Party Request to submit your Birthday Party Request.

Celebrating an adult’s birthday? Change this request to a Group Ticket Sale or a Private Screening.

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Booking Inquiry Information

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Input your preferred date and time. Flexibility or additional date and time options can be inputted in comments and questions below.

Input your preferred date and time. Flexibility or additional date and time options can be inputted in comments and questions below.

You may choose up to 2 movies per day. However, certain restrictions may apply.

Everyone attending. If you are a school please include teachers, chaperones, and students in your number.

*These options require a full auditorium buyout.