Audio/Visual Technologies

With our state-of-the-art, cinematic technology, we make your stories come alive on the big screen.

The impact of audio/visual technologies on the corporate event cannot be overstated. Whatever the need, we have the audio, video, lighting, presentation equipment and the technical expertise to bring it together flawlessly.

We will work with you to decide which technology package makes the most sense for you and then manage all of the setup and execution during your event.

  • Project your presentation and content on our 40-foot screens with our cinematic 4K projectors.
  • Move freely with wireless microphones being heard over the house sound system.
  • Set the mood with on-screen graphics, LED uplighting, and walk-in music.
  • Switch from slides to video to share screen formats with ease.
  • Control the presentation with a wireless clicker, and stay on point with a confidence monitor.
  • Illuminate the presenter or light the stage.
  • Get the support of our experienced A/V technicians who will bring in, set up and manage all of the equipment for you, making it easier for you to be a part of the event.

Got a big event? Reach audiences across the nation with ease. Regal cinemas are linked via satellite, which means you can broadcast your meeting in Denver to your audiences seated in Boise or even Baton Rouge theatres.

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