Meeting Accessories

Add some glitz to your event with Regal Business Events’ meeting accessories and promotional tools.

Put the final touches on your event with:

  • Registration tables and materials to make sign-in a breeze.
  • Signage to brand and promote your event.
  • Tables, chairs, linens and easels for display space.
  • On-site staffing that lets you focus on your people.
  • Customized event posters, invitations and lanyards to promote and commemorate your event.

Give your event the red-carpet treatment! Your guest will think they’ve left the movie theatre and gone straight to Hollywood.

>At Regal, it’s all about the entertainment:

  • Paparazzi photographers
  • Actor and actress characters
  • Face painting for the kids
  • VIP cocktail receptions
  • Plus, we’ve got the red carpet!

We have every angle covered, and we’ll top it off with the right touches.