eGift Card For orders starting at $10,000 or more, please call a representative at 1-800-784-8477 for details and discount rates.

eGift Card

Quick Overview

It’s easy to make your eGift Card personal and special. The right gift for every occasion - or "just because." Sending a personalized eGift Card is fast, easy and fun! It's the perfect way to celebrate a special holiday, to say "Happy Birthday," "Thank You" or "Congratulations!" ... or just to brighten someone's day. You can purchase any amount between $10 - $100 USD. You can buy multiple personalized cards, up to a total of $500 USD.

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Send the eGift Card directly to your friend's email inbox.
It will typically be delivered within minutes.
You'll be notified as soon as your friend views their gift.
Send the eGift Card right away or up to 12 months in the future