Theatre Church

Regal Theatre Church: A Smart Growth Strategy For Your Church!

The medieval church told the gospel story in pictures via stained glass. Today, we tell our story on the big screen. It’s the perfect postmodern stained glass—a memorable and exciting medium that demonstrates the gospel story.”
-Pastor Mark Batterson, National Community Church - Washington, D.C.

Facilities Familiar to Your Community

Give your community a place where the church experience and everyday life meet: your local theatre. Often located in central areas, Regal theatres are recognizable, easy to find, and are natural gathering spots in the community. Clients have even said that holding their services in a theatre was a no-brainer for them because they wanted to reach the unchurched, and the theatre was in a familiar, culturally-relevant place.

Benefits Beyond the Space

Your church will also enjoy ample parking, spacious lobbies, plenty of bathrooms, and a perfect view of the screen from a comfortable seat (cup holders included!). Regal theatres have stadium seating, great acoustics, and, of course, those captivating silver screens. As any moviegoer knows, when they cross the threshold into a movie theatre, they are instantly conditioned to tune out distractions, focus on the big screen, and anticipate the story to come. There’s no more powerful way to share your message. Theatres come with a variety of auditorium seating capacities so you can scale the space to meet expected attendance and growth. Additional auditoriums and party rooms are perfect for children’s ministry environments.

Unmatched Expertise & Customer Service

Regal Theatre Church is the known expert in consultative help and guidance in establishing and growing your theatre church. Your theatre church consultant supports you throughout your entire rental agreement on everything from site selection, portable church equipment, children’s ministry design and consultation, to outreach and marketing ideas, multi-site strategies, and technology. Regal Theatre Church is your partner in transforming your church experience in the movie theatre.

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