Event Applications

Motivate, influence and engage your audience like never before. Think about it. People are conditioned to pay attention in the movie theatre. The lights dim, the big screen illuminates, and rich sound envelops the audience, immersing them in the story—your story.

Small businesses and corporate giants like Burger King, Chrysler, and CenturyLink have trusted Regal’s team of Event Consultants to create cinematic events that connect with their audience, shape perceptions, and trigger calls to action. And we can do the same for you.

Regal theatres are a unique event venue with the perfect number of seats at familiar and easily-accessed locations. Comfy seats, big screen, perfect view—it all adds up to the ideal meeting space.

Ideal For:

Corporate events & company meetings

From annual meetings or executive addresses to motivating salespeople or prospects, the cinema experience offers the reach and impact to really get down to business and get your message across.

Appreciation events

Make the most of client relationships with memorable appreciation events that build your business, brand and reputation. Thank and motivate employees with movie events that feature a Hollywood blockbuster movie. A meeting and a movie will put your brand in the spotlight and reward and recognize your attendees with an unforgettable experience.

Product and brand launches

Today, even breakthrough brands need help capturing the imagination and sales of potential buyers. Showcase your product launch on the big screen to make a big impression—in one or hundreds of locations.

Training events & seminars

With the emphasis on your training material, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. And you can’t beat the retention of your message with your audience. There is just something about putting your content on a 40-foot screen that makes it sink in and really memorable.

Lead generation

Attract and impress your ideal customers with the buzz that comes from a cinema event. Wow top prospects on a grand scale with content that literally jumps off of the big screen in mesmerizing high-definition detail and cinematic sound. Drive attendance by treating guests to a private screening of the latest blockbuster with a meeting and a movie.

Road shows

Gain invaluable face time with hot prospects and key customers. Hit the road for city-by-city appearances at cinemas in your most promising and lucrative markets.

Harness Regal’s reach, scale and expertise to make your next company meeting or event a memorable, attention-getting cinematic experience that your attendees won’t forget. This is one-stop, full-service cinema event planning, made easy.